New England Ballet Ensemble



*** 2017Nutcracker Show Times***

December 9th and 10th

at Marblehead Veteran's Middle School PAC Center

Nutcracker Schedule

Saturday, Oct. 28th (Joe is here) 

11:00a-11:30a Arabian

11:30a-12:00p Candy Canes

12:00p-12:45p Waltz & Dewdrop & Clara

12:45p-1:15p Polichinelles

1:15p-1:45p General and Mouse King

2:00p-3:15p Battle Scene- All Mice, Mouse King, General & Soldiers & Clara & Dross


Sunday, Oct 29th

11:00a -11:30a Party Parents

11:30a-1:00p Party & Dolls & Gingerbread & Drosselmeyer & Assistant & Party Parents

1:00p-1:45p Finale & Waltz

  1:45p-2:30p Spanish

2:30p-3:00p Snow

  3:00p-3:30p Chinese

    3:30p-4:00p Mazarpan & Lambs

4:00p-4:45p Intro to Act 2- Principals and all angels


Friday November 3rd

3:30p-4:00p Candy Canes & Leads

4:00P- 4:20p Chinese

Saturday, November 4th

10:30a-11:00a Snow

11:00a-11:30a Finale & Waltz & Clara

11:30a-12:00a Intro w/all Angels

12:00p-1:00p Battle Scene - all mice & soldiers & General & Mouse King

1:00p-1:30p Marzipan & Lambs

1:30p-2:00p Polichinelles


Sunday November 5th

10:30a-11:00a Spanish

11:00-12:30a Party w/Everyone


  Veteran's Day Weekend off-

Saturday, November 18th-(Joe is here) 

11:00a-11:30a Candy canes

11:30-12:00p Polichinelles

12:00p-1:00p Battle Scene- all mice & soldiers- General & Mouse King

1:00p-1:45p Waltz and Dewdrop

1:45p-2:45p Snow Lyrical

2:45p-3:30p Arabian



Sunday, November 19th- Joe

11:00a-12:30p Party Scene- Everyone

12:30p-1:30p Snow & Snow Lyrical

1:30p-2:00p Chinese

2:00p-2:30p Mazarpan & Lambs

2:30p-3:00p Spanish

3:00p-3:30p Overture and Angels and Finale(Waltz)


Thanksgiving week off -

Saturday, Dec. 2nd

10:15a-10:30a Arabian

10:30a-11:15a Snow & Snow Lyrical

11:15a-12:00p  Candy Canes, Waltz

12:00p- 12:45p  Spanish, Finale and Waltz, Angels and Intro to Act 2, Chinese

1:00p-2:00p Battle Scene-Soldiers and Mice General & Mouse King & Clara, Mazarpan and Lambs, Polichinelles

2:00p-3:00p    Party Scene- party children, party parents, dolls, gingerbread, Dros and Dros Assistant, maid and everyone in the scene

Donner Photographics pictures on Sunday, December 3rd! Picture Schedule

Party Pictures - Everyone will start at 11:00a( Arrive at 10:30a with hair and makeup done)

11:45a Polichinelles

12:00 All Mice

12:30p Soldiers

12:45p Waltz

  1:15p Mazarpan & Lambs

1:45p-Candy Canes

2:20p Snow & Snow Lyrical

2:45p All Angels

3:00p Arabian

3:10p Spanish

3:20p Chinese


Show Week-Rehearsal- Tuesday, Dec. 5th at MVMS-

(4:45p-8p)Rehearsal with girls,

    4:45p -5:10p Polichinelles,

5:15p-6:00p All of Act 2- Angels, Candy Canes, Mazarpan & Lambs, Chinese, Arabian, Spanish, & Waltz & FInale

6:00p-6:30p Battle Scene- Soldiers & Mice

6:30p-7:30p Party Scene

7:30p-7:45p Snow & Snow Lyrical

Tech Rehearsal- Putting together tree, Backdrops up, Putting together dress and Act 2 set, floor

Thurs. Dec. 7th 6:15p-7:00p Mazarpan ( no lambs)and Spanish at studio

Dress Rehearsal- Friday, Dec. 8th - (3:30p-9p) Please arrive by 3:30p in costume and makeup

4:00p-6:00p Dress Rehearsal for Saturday show- Act 2 first

6:30p-8:30p Dress Rehearsal for Sunday Show - only doing things that are double casted for Act 2 and what needs to be taken

Shows- Saturday, Dec. 9th at 2:30p performance - Should be at the auditorium by 1:45p

Good Luck, Enjoy and Have Fun!!


Sunday, Dec. 10th at 1:00p performance - Should be at the auditorium by 12:15p

Good Luck, Enjoy and Have Fun!!














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